More then just selling clothes, we offer a range of complimentary services to help you look your best.

With a long established record for excellent quality of service, we have been serving our many happy customers both nationwide and abroad since 1901.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you, then feel free to visit our shop, phone us on +44(0)1604 639605 or send us an email.

Regimental ties
Regimental ties and badges

We carry an extensive range of RAF, Naval and Regimental products, including:

  • Ties
  • Blazer badges (available in hand made gold and silver wire)
  • Machine made silk badges

RAF, Naval and Regimental ties and badges in Northampton

Medal Mounting
Medal Mounting

We provide both court and swinging style medal mounting for full size and miniature medals.

With over 60 years of experience behind us, our service is second to none and will ensure your medals will look their best possible.

Medal mounting in Northampton

Tailoring and Alterations

Our alterations are carried out on the premises by experienced tailors and seamstresses.

We can alter garments ranging from shirts and trousers to jackets and suits.

Our express service is also available most of the time.

Suit alterations and tailoring in Northampton

Time Traveller Doctor Tweed Jackets

For those of you who keenly watch the continuing adventures of a particular time-travelling Doctor and have perhaps an interest in the Doctor’s wardrobe, have you noticed that again a stylish new tweed jacket is being worn by our hero?

As seen featured on ITV news.

Made to measure Time Traveller Doctor Tweed Jackets

Monty's Travelling Tailor
Montys Travelling Tailor

New to Montague Jeffery is our home made to measure service for a tailored solution.

Avoid the limiting nature of off the peg garments with our unique, semi hand tailored and finished garments of your choice.

Monty’s Travelling Tailor and made to measure suits


We offer a range of goods and services on offer for Freemasons.

In addition to basic clothing we also have accessories such as gloves, crested cuff links and tie slides.

Masonic/Freemason clothing in Northampton

Monty's Maximus
Monty’s Maximus

Our Monty’s Maximus service designed for the larger gentleman, because Maximus means greatest.

Whether tall, short or small, we’ll dress you all.

Monty’s Maximus big size men’s clothing

Monty's Maxiums big size men's clothing
Style Advisor

With over 154 years of experience between our 5 full time sales staff, we feel we can offer a customised advisory service.

Home or office visits are also available.

Style, dress consultancy and advice in Northampton