Peaky Blinders and their Caps

Peaky Blinders, the BBC family gangster epic set in Birmingham just after the Great War, tells the story of the Blinders Gang and their ambitions and highly dangerous boss – Tommy Shelby.

Montys interest in the programme is their headwear – the classic 8 piece cap. In the series, many of the gang members sew razor blades in the peaks of caps, fortunately Monty’s selection of caps don’t have these.

Our sales of 8 piece caps have soared since the series began.

We stock plain, black, charcoal grey and navy at £24.95 and fabulous soft wool Harris Tweed and Donegal tweed caps starting from £39.95. All the caps are sized in proper cap sizes so a correct comfortable fit can be easily achieved, all made by Failsworth from Manchester.

Pop in and try one and keep warm this Autumn/Winter season.

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