Bolin Webb Razors

A razor like no other !

Contemporary grooming for men from Bolin Webb – where design and innovation meet performance.

The razors are designed to be attractive and fashionable without compromising cleanliness and ease of use.

The razor length is covered in a lacquered metal coat in a series of colours whilst the base has a bacteria-resistant rubber for grip and hygiene.

We stock all of the colours available in the R1 range which use Gillette Mach 3 blades and come fully gift boxed and priced from just £55 and made here in the UK.

A new addition this year is the “Glory” razor, that of the USA representing one of the worlds most iconic flags, the distinctive “stars and stripes” looks good but not quite as good as our own “Jack” razor, the iconic symbol of Great Britain.

All the razors come with a 2 year guarantee and are in stock now.