A Little More Baby News

As many of you may recall one of our members of staff recently celebrated the arrival of a baby Son. Patrick – who is normally found in the Casual Wear Department – and his Fiancée’, Alison, celebrated the arrival of their Son, Theodore Alexander, who was born just over a month ago. Since the arrival of the little chap, Alison and Patrick have been inundated with numerous cards, presents and general well – wishers who have all come to extend their best wishes to the new arrival, and it is with much heartfelt appreciate that Patrick and Alison would like to say a to you all, a very sincere “Thank You” for all the gifts, cards and thoughtful kindness that so many of you have shown and given … Little Theodore has certainly had a very warm welcome to the world, …and to the world of Montague Jeffery’s.

Both Patrick & Alison are huge ‘Dr. Who’ fans, and Theodore already has a Full – Size TARDIS to play with, plus a full – size DALEK build project awaiting him for when he’s a little bigger … so he will definitely be needing a Sonic Screwdriver… and a little help from his Dad !