Alynn Neckwear Ties

For nearly 40 years Alynn Neckwear have been creating unique silk ties at their base just outside Los Angeles.

Montys have been stocking them since their early days are proud to be one of their few stockists. Priced at £29.95 the ties are still very popular especially the Latin motto tie – “non illegitimi carborundum”. For those who don’t understand Latin – “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”.

This is our best selling tie in the shop and has been since we stocked them. For those in the know, the tie is a fabulous corporate favourite and makes a great Christmas, birthday or anniversary present or moving on gift for anyone leaving a job.

We try to keep at least 25 of their different designs in stock, they specialise in historical, sporting and quirky patterns and all made from 100% pure silk printed exclusively for Alynn.

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