Medal Mounting

Minature medals and ribbonsWe can mount customer’s own full size and miniature medals for any known international governmental regiment in existence – as long as the ribbon can be sourced for the medal, then we can mount it.

With over 60 years of experience behind us, our service is second to none and will ensure your medals will look their best possible.

Your medals will be carefully handled and cared for as they are professionally cleaned and mounted according to current government regulations and any specific requirements you might have, using new ribbons and brooches throughout.

Our medal mounting service starts from just £8 per medal for swinging style and £12 per medal for court mounting.

Two styles of mounting are available: court mounting and swinging style mounting.

Court Mounting

imagesCourt mounting starts by fixing the medal clasp to a backing made of a stiff material called buckram, which is normally a cotton cloth that has been stiffened by soaking the cloth in the substance pyroxylin to fill the gaps between the fibres, thereby making it stiff.

The buckram is itself covered in the relevant medal ribbons and gives the medals a very attractive look whilst keeping them firmly fixed low, which prevents damage from the medals banging against each other.

Court mounting came about during Queen Victoria’s reign as she did not like the noise made by her courtiers medals “chinking” together. It is now the most common form of medal mounting in the UK armed service.

Swinging Style Mounting

images-1The swinging style of mounting is where the medal ribbon is threaded through the brooch and the medal is allowed to hang loose from the brooch.

Swinging style is the traditional way of mounting medals and still favoured by many over count mounting.

Miniature Medals

We can also supply most UK and United Nations miniature medals and can again mount them court style or swinging style.


Buckram Sets and Ribbon Brooches

For dress uniforms and tunics, we can make ribbons only attached to a pin brooch that can be taken off as necessary or on a buckram set that can be sewn on.