Pantherella Cotton Lisle Socks

Hopefully Spring/Summer are just round the corner and we are now fully stocked on our best selling seasonal Pantherella socks.

Pantherella have been making fine hoisery since 1937 at their Leicestershire factory and we are always so proud to be able to support British made merchandise.

The Danvers style cotton Lisle short ankle sock is made from a 70% cotton and a 30% nylon blend with a reinforced heel and toe. The socks are designed with comfort and style in mind. All the socks have a hand linked toe to avoid any pressure points on the toes. Made in 2 sizes 7½-9½ and 10-12 shoe to ensure a perfect fit they are hand finished in 12 different colours from sensible black, navy and grey to the fun, quirky red, ultramarine and mauve. Priced at £11.95 your feet are sure to love them.

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