New Summer Jackets

Hopefully Spring/Summer 2018 is just around the corner having had a brief glimpse last week, Montys are now ready for the “heatwave” many newspapers have predicted.

Whether for business or more relaxed casual surroundings you will find the ideal jacket or blazer to dress up or down.

Lightweight wools, cottons and linens in a variety of plains, stripes and checks can be worn with chinos, jeans or shorts. Many of the jackets feature trimming or detail in the form of coloured cuff buttons, stitching, elbow patches and fabulously printed linings.

Please feel free to call in and have a look, we stock from 40″ to 56″ in short, regular and long fittings and many more are available from our suppliers after a short wait and can be tailored and altered to give you the perfect fit and shape.

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