Prom Season and May Balls


Just a reminder that we have full stocks of all dresswear ready for the prom season and Summer balls.

We have a superb selection of dress shirts in wing collar and standard collar alongside waistcoats both plain and brocaded together with a vast array of bow ties both self tie and ready tied, cummerbunds, cufflinks, dress shirt studs, braces – classic and fun/quirky, and dress scarves in both black and white, even a silver topped dress cane to finish the look off!

Stop Press!

We now carry over 40 plain satin colours, available in bow ties both ready tied and self tied, cravats, top pocket handkerchiefs and cummerbunds. We (nearly) guarantee to match most ladies ball gowns and accessories with the colours available!

We have also received a new delivery of patterned back dress shirts for Summer season balls and other functions. With a variety of patterns to choose from in sizes 15½” to 18½” at £69.95 the shirts are pure cotton and come with either standard or wing collar. Sizes are limited so please feel free to call in and have a browse through.

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